Systemic Work & Coaching

Systemic Work & Coaching

With Systems of the Soul your most personal questions and issues become visible in relationship to a bigger whole. In a bigger System.  Once we dare to allow this reality, we become aware of much more systems and complexities. 

This is why, for the bigger scheme of things, only a focus on personal insights is not always enough to transform certain realities.  "Systems" can be: the family, working environments, organisations, (sub)cultures, relationships, mental healthcare, society itself.

When you feel stuck on microlevel (personal level) and it is your wish to transform that "stuckness" into "flow" again, systemic work will always guide you towards those movements/motions with respect for and in relationship with everything and everyone.  With respect for the specific "Laws and Orders" which repetedly manifest themselves through the patterns in our lives. 

Systemic Work is therefore a working method, a coaching method and even a philosophy which accepts everything and anything ... as it is. In the grandness. In the diversity. In the abundance and all complexities. 

Only when and where this is allowed "to be", truly healing movements/motions & possibilities can occur for which you can choose freely. For those who are willing to let go of any wish to simplify Life, relief in personal struggles can be experienced very quickly and one can regain the feeling of flowing inspiration in his own life. 

Systemic Work has many forms with which complex topics can be addressed: trauma, grief & loss, sickness, relationships, organisational topics, leadership topics, migration, ...

At Systems of the Soul we use several translations of Systemic Work: 

  • SOS sessions - to make your overall topics/themes visible with regards to Systemic Orders
  • Constellations - Using the energy field and its information to make the invisible visible
  • Rituals - where topics go beyond past, present and future or go beyond the well known realms, rituals are proven methods to relate to what is unrelatable (for example death) from the place where you remain. 
  • Shadow Work - For the bravest who look for liberation from the seemingly contradictions within ourselves.  Shadow Work is about connecting with our own extremes (dualities) within our soul to self investigate the meaning and power that lies within. And to also experience how both sides of the same coin uplift one another. 

Systemic Work & Coaching