SYSTEMIC WORK - What is it?

We all live in systems like our family, our workplace, clubs, assiciations, departments, organisations and structures in civil society. Many of our unconscious beliefs, behaviours and patterns find their origin in the systems we grew up in: the family systems. Very often we see that personal reoccurring topics/questions go way back into many generations ago (trans generational transmission). 

We have adopted empowering and limiting beliefs and patterns, more often than not fuelled by infantile interpretation of love.  These patterns can start reoccurring in the new systems in your life like your relationships, your family, your job, your friendschips. 

At Systems of the Soul, you can make your unconscious patterns visible, using several methods of Systemic Work. The most powerful tool is the use of a constellation using puppets, floor anchors, random objects or even people.    

It certainly offers a very unique and often a more thorough image of what is going on unconsciously. What you cannot grasp with your mind, can be made visible thanks to these constellations formats.  

Origin and evolution Systemic Work 

The instigator of this method "Systemic Work" are amongst others Bert Hellinger and Virginia Satir. Hellinger developed systemic methods in Europe to work with therapeutic topics in families (family constellations), and later on he did this for organisations too.  l

I myself started as a student at School for Systemic Work of Master Hilbrand Westra in the Netherlands to deepen my understanding and knowledge of Systemic Work. Hilbrand in his turn received his Mastery at the German School of Wolfgang Könighaus, who connected the (Western) systemic theories to the Eastern philosophy of the Tao. Hilbrands school also combines both visions. It is self explanatory then that Systems of the Soul also studies both scientific and complementary resources. 


Fields of Application

The methods and insights in Systemic Work are applicable to all issues/challenges in your life.  This is why Systemic Work is valuable for individuals, as well as for families, services, entrepreneurs and companies. 

It is a way of working that is operatble in personal coaching settings, as well as consultancy and training settings.