For who?

For who?

Systems of the Soul biedt Systemische inzichten die waardevol zijn voor zowel persoonlijke als professionele vraagstukken en ontwikkeling.

Daarom ben je welkom voor zowel Coaching, Consultancy en Training, of je nu komt als inidvidueel persoon, als ondernemer of als bedrijf

Dankzij de samenwerking met Coaching Life kan je gebruik maken van Loopbaancheques voor loopbaanbegeleiding, alsook van de KMO Portefeuille en Werkbaarheidscheque voor coaching, consultancy en training.  Bij eventuele vragen, stel ze gerust hier

Systems of the Soul biedt ook heel specifiek Systemische Coaching, Consultancy en Training aan al wie ouder is van of te maken heeft met ouders van "Het Verloren Kind" (het verlies van je kind in de pre-, peri- en kort postnatale periode).  Er is nog zoveel potentieel in het verwerven van inzichten en het erkennen van de speicifieke trauma's die daarbij komen kijken, alsook dat er zeker nog ruimte is voor verdieping en verbetering waar het persoonlijke rouw- en verliesverhaal van de ouders "snijdt" met andere systemen die te maken hebben met en werken voor "Het Verloren Kind". Denk daarbij maar aan het medisch systeem, het uitvaartsysteem, het juridisch systeem, de zorgverzekeraar als systeem, enzovoort.


as or encounters with "The Lost Baby" (a loss of a baby in the pre-, peri- or early postnatal phase of pregnancy).  These realities still show so much more potential, worthy of investigating, analysing and emphasizing a better (trauma informed) (care)environment.  With which I focus on: 

(1) Parents of "a Lost Baby": Are you a mom/dad of a stillborn baby in the pre-, peri- or postnatale stage? Do you recognize the realities of pregnancy loss? Or do you as a couple even had to deal with serial pregnancy losses? Dit you go through your grieving process but are you still noticing difficult situations when you encounter questions coming from your environment or even your live kids?

In this case Systems of the Soul is a valuable partner for coaching.  

(2) Services or industries who encounter parents of "the Lost Baby" : Do you work in a service or industry who potentially occasionally or often encounters the reality of "A Lost Baby"? Have you noticed that you are not in touch with an existing vocabulary? Are you looking for some kind of enhancement of quality concerning procedures of communication? Do you feel like your service/industry "clashes" with the pains of these parents? Do you feel nervous when you think about these phone calls? And are you looking how this can be made better? Are you looking for better working insights and solutions? 

Examples of services/industries are: medical professionals, birth professionals, nurses, doula's, midwives, funeral ettendants, citizenry, taks services, etc.

In these areas Systems of the Soul can offer valuable consultancy and training.

(3) Parents who are or want to get pregnant again after pregnancy loss: Dealing with a pregnancy and giving birth after pre, peri of postnatal pregnancy loss is very challenging and may ask for systematic and systemic support/guidance.  If you recognise the importance of being fully connected with these complexities, and you do not want to handle this by yourself/alone?

In this case Systems of the Soul is a valuable partner for coaching and training you and your partner.

(4) Moms & dads of brothers/sisters of "A Lost Baby": Sometimes, when there just wasn't the right time or opportunity to grieve this Loss, you might see something in the behaviour of one of your other kids that "just doesn't feel right"? 

In this case Systems of the Soul is a valuable partner for coachin and training you and your partner.

For who?