Book & Author

Book & Author

Now for sale ! Mandala's & Lava. Het systemische werkboek bij pré-, peri- en postnataal trauma en verlies.

If you are interested in this book, and you might know a publisher who would be interested in finding a way to publish an English translation, I would be very open to any suggestions or professional help.


Mandala's & Lava is a book about the many synchronicities you have to deal with as you have to face pregnancy or infant loss. To guide you through this process, this books not only offers a personal story, but also specific "to do's" to get through the worst moments.

To develop peace and silence holding space for the many emotions whilst colouring the mandalas in the book, you are also guided with specific systemic questions delving deeper under the surface. 

This book is written by and for moms and dads who feel in their generation that the time has come to face the darkest of pains and integrate whatever trauma needs integration. Especially for the generations to come.

About the author

Katrien Debevere got the verdict herself in 2018 that her little girl wouldn't live after birth.  Empowered by her knowledge on trauma and grief at that time, she had her own proces to get through. She sees it as if her daughter taught her so many lessons about LIFE itself from the shadows of death. In this book she shares the many lessons she learnt as a mother, a wife, a woman to take her life and live it to the fullest. Including the pain and grief. Since her daughter Mila* is part of her life, she wants to bring this message to the world in her work and her trainings/healing paths. Who has to deal with pregnancy & infant loss and womb trauma can find in work of "the lost child" understanding in the deeper layors of life.

Book & Author

This book is about so much more than only that one process. What this book was about -to me- is to lose someone in connection. It is about the darkest darks of grief. It speaks about despair, grief, rage and how it never seems to come to a stop. It is about you, and about everything we identify ourselves with and losing that. But this story is also about healing. About letting go with all the love you have in your heart.