Healing paths

Healing paths

Healing path "the lost child, healing path of womb trauma". 

This is a 10 day course, starting in 2022 and takes place in Ghent, Belgium. 

During 10 months we gather one time every month to form a small collective of maximum 11 participants, delving deeper on the different layors that come with womb trauma and the healing of it. This is a specific journey facing all realities of pregnancy and infant loss, in this journey defined as "the mother" of all womb trauma & its healing. 

If you are interested, please ask for more information here. 

Healing path for rainbow parents toward a trauma integrated parenthood.

Healing paths

Every time I get stuck on something, I want to get the necessary concrete and emotional insights in one session. I really want to go through it then and rather "to the bone". You really want a special coach to hold space for this depth. Working with Katrien is chosing quality.