YEAR PROGRAM '22 - '23

YEAR PROGRAM '22 - '23


Innate Womb Wisdom & the Wisdom of the Lost Child

*beware: only 5 spots are available for this year program to guarantee your personal follow-up

Dive into this 1 year PERSONAL, TRANSFORMATIVE & HEALING JOURNEY & experience on a SOUL LEVEL how it feels to BE, to BECOME and to BELONG.

Walk alongside 4 other attendees, guided by systemic coach & councelor Katrien, through the deep wisdom of the Womb.  Learn the deeper lying systemic roots where our transgenerational information can be invited to be transformed and transmuted. 

  • Are you willing to dive into THE DEPTH of your SOUL and learn how to LISTEN to what it has to say? 

  • Do you feel like something holds you back from BEING, BECOMING or BELONGING? 

  • Are you open to HEAL WHAT YOU CANNOT SEE? 

  • Are you called to TRANSFORM AND TRANSMUTE CERTAIN TRANSGENERATIONAL TOPICS so that the next generation can be more FREE? 

The YEAR PROGRAM "INNATE WOMB WISDOM & THE WISDOM OF THE LOST CHILD" is the answer to your SOUL QUESTE you have been looking for! 

This YEAR PROGRAM is a professional training, an experience, a guidance & a personal transformation,  ALL IN ONE!

For 10 MONTHS you connect online for 1 6 hour-day training with coach Katrien and the 4 other attendees voor all deep topics that belong to THE INNATE WOMB WISDOM & THE WISDOM OF THE LOST CHILD. For 10 months you will be delving 10 deeper layors. Finding what is there.

Gems of trauma, and of healing. 

Gems of transformative insights and practices. 

Gems of relational healing within this mini-collective


What will you recieve?: 

At the end of each day, you will recieve:

  • replay: relive and experience your program day whenever it fits you.
  • hand-outs with the concrete theory of systemic work and/or sciences 
  • hand-outs with original excercises & practices* (*all healing sentences, creative and constellation practices are copywrited)

In WOMB WISDOM & THE WISDOM OF THE LOST CHILD we get to work on a systemic level.  This on a personal, ancestral and collective level, where the systemic insights and techniques are perfect for healing. 

  • your year of most transformative personal & professional growth e
  • Conrete excercises in healing (body)work 
  • Concrete applicable therapeutic practices 
  • Systemic fieldwork & constellations
  • Healing words & sentences that are applicable in your personal process as well as in your coaching practices 
  • Rituals aligned with the sacredness of the Womb
  • Concrete tools to recognize "the lost child" in the system of your client in favor of healing deep "inner child" layors. 
  • If you coach clients with this topic in their lives, you immediately learn tips for online counceling & healing.
  1. Womb trauma & healing: what does it mean on a personal level? 
  2. Womb trauma & healing: what does it mean on an ancestral & collective level? 
  3. Who is "the lost child" and what is its place in your family line? 
  4. What are the "lost child"-entanglements and what does this mean in your personal life? 
  5. The Womb & the place of creation (and destruction)
  6. The Womb & the physiology of relating
  7. Pregnancy & Post partum: the physiology of bonding & attaching 
  8. Pregnancy & Post partum: the physiology of bonding, order & balance
  9. Guilt & Innocence: why the most "unusable piece in healing" taunts us 
  10. Guilt & Innocence: parenting freed from the "guilt trips". Where would it lead? 
  • Anyone who is interested in awareness in pregnancy, birth, life & death 
  • Experiential expert in the topic "the lost child": moms, dads, brothers, sisters...  
  • Professionals: (systemische) coaches, therapeuten en rouwconsulenten 
  • Professionel birth workers: doula's, midwives, OB's, nurses, etc  
  • Aware individuals who see themselves as pattern breakers

Your investment for this 1 year program is 5.750€.

Please remember there are only 5 spots as to guarantee the beste attunement on your personal growth and healing. 


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YEAR PROGRAM '22 - '23

Once I understood that my unborn brother had a larger impact on my life and what responsabilities I had carried around as "big sister", I could see the opportunity to let go of what no longer belonged to me. For the first time it felt safe and "ok" to let go.

Nancy Stammeleer