Rainbow parents

Rainbow parents

Are you a rainbow parent?

  • Are you experiencing pregnancy after loss?
  • Is something calling you to delve deeper for understanding your desire to have a baby?
  • Are you reaching out for a trauma informed and trauma integrated parenthood? 
  • Is something calling you to delve deeper for a more profound understanding of your role as a mother/father? 
  • Do you believe strongly that your child mirrors what you may heal in order to have a happier life? 

Well, than I offically declare that you are a rainbow parent. 

You may have heard of the term "rainbow baby" (i.e. the baby following a pregnancy of infant loss) but I asked myself the question whether it is really up to the child to be named anything. There is always a very thin line between a nice intention and a full blown unaware expectation. 

A rainbow parent on the other hand is a choice you can make in your adult life, when you chose to give life to another soul. 

If you want to take your role as a parent in the most aware way, meaning that you want to learn to hold space for all colours your child wants to show you, then that makes you a rainbow parent. 

If this resonates with you and you have any questions concerning your (relationship with) your child, and you want to do this together, feel free to reach out!

Rainbow parents

I love her systemic take on things and how she immediately can pinpoint my blind spots. -  G.F.