About Katrien

About Katrien


I am Katrien Debevere, and I work as a Systemic Coach, Consultant and Trainer in my business Systems of the Soul.

As Systemic Coach I can also use my high sensitivity at its full potential. To research, to investigate, to dig deep. To go beneath the surface with you. My biggeste talents may as well be these in depth understanding, without judgement. With unconditional love for what becomes visible. 

Systemic work always puts your personal needs within a larger context (a system withing which we all are), thereby looking for solutions not merely on a personal level, but connected to the needs of the system/context. "Doing the inner work" should not mean that you get the feeling you have to put yourself "outside" the context. It is not about "re-treating" yourself. I is about all complexities to find that balance of your inner work in connection with the system(s).  

If you are interested in my professional background, I kindly invite you to take a look on my LinkedIn.

In 2018 I became Mother of a still born daughter.  Mila* is her name. 

I started sharing my personal grieving process in my blog. Since then I never stopped writing my experiences, questions and struggles. 

Meanwhile I'm also Mom to her little sister, Amelia. Both my daughters teach me so much.  Both about life. As well as Death. 

The main lessons I will take from these experiences will be that the voice of parents of "Lost Babies" is zo important to break the silence on pre-, peri-, and postnatal loss. Not only does the grieving process look a different way when the baby is not seen, also the level of trauma could be acknowledged better so that many systems that deal with parents with pregnancy loss could at least respond in a trauma informed way.  This is why I feel it is valuable to connect my professional background as a systemic coach with this topic. 

Another reason why I believe this is important? 

When I look at my joungest daughter I have 2 answers: most of all, if she should have to experience this herself, I really want to contribute to a generation where it may be a little bit "softer". And also, if I don't succeed in honoring Mila* properly, Amelia will not be free to become who she is. 

This is why I want to put my expertise at the service of those parents, professionals and systems who work with "the lost child" (after pre-, peri- and postnatal loss).


About Katrien