About Katrien

About Katrien

Dear Soul, 

I welcome you to my page. I am Katrien Debevere and I am a Systemic Coach, Worker and facilitator for constellations.  I am also woman, mom of 2 daughters (Mila* and her big little sister Amelia).  Together with my partner my ambition and dream in life is to live a soulful life, surrounded by as much nature as possible.  It is my wish to integrate this intention of soulfulness with skillfulness in this job. 

I want to promote vulnerability as a force in and of itself in which much healing already takes place.  "To walk the talk", I share my own most vulnerable stories and quests as an inspirational speaker, blogger, vlogger and teacher.

As a believer of lifelong learning, I remain a student at the "School for Systemic Consciousness", lead by Master Hildbrand Westra in the Netherlands.

"Going deep beneath the surface" is probably my essence in life.  To get to the bottom of a struggle or question.  The more I learn to stay in non-judgemental unconditional acceptance of what is, the more the most difficult and painful problem seems to be connected with so much more. Systemic Work thus became the best translation for me in coaching and guiding people who get stuck in these kind of complexities.  

To be able to make the possibility of a healing solution visible, I strive to keep growing towards an unconditional serenity where everything can just be. My love and awe for Life grow every day where I can witness what may unfold from within. 


About Katrien